29. 06. 2018

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The legendary Slovak athletic meeting Pravda-Televizia-Slovnaft will celebrate its 53rd edition in x-bionic® athletic sphere. P-T-S will welcome the world athletic elite, promising that records will be broken.


Some events are like comets – they shine and then go out. They disappear and nobody misses them. But there are also those events which are still remembered even after many years. They were in fact fixed stars of the sports heaven. They fascinated fans not only at home but also in the world for decades.

This is also the case of the athletics meeting in Bratislava, which, in its most famous era, was a part of the world elite IAAF Grand Prix. Renowned experts of the queen of sports called it with respect with flattering adjective “Zürich of the East” for years. It was characteristic for its traditionally strong international competition, great performances, including world and European records, and full stands.

In preparation of the 51st volume it relied on partners with which the most beautiful era of the meeting has been linked. It chose a combination of a successful multinational company (Slovnaft as part of the MOL Group) and renowned Slovak media: public institution Radio and Television (RTVS) and influential daily newspaper (Pravda). Under the logo of the most famous period, which is the work of a Slovak painter Miroslav Cipár, the meeting successfully returned to the world athletic scene on Saturday 4 June 2016.

Spectators information

P-T-S athletic meeting will take place at x-bionic® sphere on June 29, 2018. The national program starts at 17.00, the main program at 18.30. Entry is free of charge.

We recommend to all fans and spectators, especially the drivers coming to x-bionic® sphere, to travel atleast one hour in advance because of common traffic jams from Bratislava to Samorin.

In case you are traveling by RegioJet train, you can use the bus line from Kvetoslavov train station directly to x-bionic® sphere. Departures are at 16.20 and 17.20.

Partners of x-bionic® equestor sphere